Cell energy  
The main reasons for a lack of energy, accelerated aging, obesity and the development of disease are

• deficiencies in nutrients and vital substances
• lack of oxygen
• over-acidity
• oxidative stress

zelle.jpg [8 KB]The consequences of this affect all areas: physical, mental and spiritual.
When are we healthy and able to perform, i.e. when is our fire burning and producing cozy warmth and energy?

Only a fireplace, which is supplied with good wood, a lighter and oxygen, is kept free of soot regularly and maintained well, will let a fire burn in the best possible way and produce cozy warmth and energy.

Our billions of cells behave in the same way as a fireplace
Using the product program we attack the root-causes of problems.
If our cells have sufficient energy and are healthy, only then are we healthy as well! Our cells "burn" in the best possible way and produce maximum energy for Performance, health, well-being and the right weight when there is

• an Optimum provision with nutrients and vital substances
sufficient oxygen
• the best possible reduction
in acidity and waste
• maximum protection of the cells against aggressive free radicals.

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