I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the creation of

For almost 30 years
I have been educating myself in complementary methods and holistic medical practices.

In May 2001 I had an accident, which resulted in a stay in a rehabilitation clinic a year later. Ongoing migraine attacks, 2-3 times weekly, and constant pains rendered me powerless and I had to lie down several times a day. Daily life became a struggle.

When a lady naturopath suggested I should take the Cell Energy Concept regularly, I politely declined, on the basis that I already ate healthily and had a balanced diet. At the time I was already eating organic produce and health foods and I therefore felt that I couldn’t really further improve my health. As my state of health worsened though, I decided to give the products a try.  Very quickly I felt an all over improvement in my wellbeing. Eventually I stopped taking all the medication and in Autumn 2004 my energy levels were back to a level which allowed me to move around freely again. I felt powerful and life became a joy again.

If the energy on cellular level is in balance, the self-healing power of the body is activated and any therapy can therefore take place faster, better and with more lasting effects. 
One steps again in its own power. A holistic support contributes decisively to a new qualitiy of life

All the beautiful people around me, which have an improvement in their life, are my daily motivation. 

For more information please do read the website and give me a call.

With kind regards,

Annette Imboden
+41 79 200 41 21

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